During painting not only the performance but also the preparation is important. The masking of vehicles or parts must be easy.
Before masking, the first question arises which material would be the best to apply. Without a doubt, masking films are definitely one step ahead.
Since the introduction of our paint absorbent masking film, Wondermask® Classic during the Automechanica in Frankfurt 1988, this innovative masking technique has been implemented worldwide. The features on the occasion of this special film guarantee to save time and money during the process of covering vehicles.
The sizes 4, 5 and 6 meter completely cover the vehicles. The use of smaller films or paper is not only time consuming but also expensive.
In comparison to paper, which is offered in smaller width, the application of masking film is a single application process no extras required.
Masking films are lint-free and in contrast to paper do not contain fibres. Therefore, no additional dust formation can develop. Soaking of the film is not possible.

Now even better – Improved formulation:

  • Optimised cutting behaviour
  • Better haptics

Water Resistant – No Marks

  • No staining from residual moisture at the vehicle

6M Side to Side / Front to Back

  • One product for all types of vehicles
  • Large vehicles like transporters, SUVs and others can be covered from the front to the back with the „6M technique“ and all cars can be covered side to side.

Easy to cut

  • very good cutting ability

Tape resistant

  • Tape is easy to remove and easy to correct

Further advantages

  • No bleed-through of water or paint
  • Heat resistant up to 125° C
  • Also suitable for foiled vehicles


 6M Technique                       Heat resistant up to                       
Static                                       Robust
 Easy to Cut                             Tape Resistant                                       
   Water Resistant – No Marks

Now even better – New formulation:

  • Optimised cutting behaviour
  • Better haptics

The advantages of  Wondermask® AQUAFIT

Professional Masking Protection

  • No marks when used on damp cars
  • Excellent cutting ability
  • Totally protects all parts of the vehicle against paint and overspray
  • The light-blue transparent lm gives increased cutting efficiency due to good vehicle outline visibility
  • Static, tightly clings to the vehicle, avoids dust entrapment
  • Provides dramatic time savings versus masking paper
  • Excellent paint absorption especially when used with water paints and VOC-compliant paints and primers
  • Water resistant, tough and tear resistant, lintfree, no second masking after wet sanding
  • No bleed through of water based or solvent based products
  • Heat resistant up to 110 °C
  • Efficient use of material by exact cutting to the corresponding car size

Convenient Dispensing

  • The film remains dust free in the dispenser box, resulting in less re-work
  • Ergonomically correct working height of the trolley dispenser
  • Dust and dirt absorption is minimised
  • Clean storage, stackable

Environment and Disposal

  • Made of environmental friendly recycable polythenemixtures
 6M Technique                          Heat resistant up to                        Static                                       Robust
 Easy to Cut                                             Tape Resistant                                           Water Resistant – No Marks


Enormous time savings compared to conventional methods (cover time less than 2 min. per rim – previously approx. 15 min. per rim)

Application of Wondermask® WPS

  • Release tires from the rim
  • Wondermask ® WPS you can put over the rim in less than 10 seconds
  • Wondermask® WPS and fix it with some cover tape
  • ready

The advantages of Wondermask® WPS at a glance

  • Significant savings in masking tape and paper
  • No rework
  • Suitable for all car rims from 13″ – 23″
  • Simple exact processing through highly elastic material components
  • No disassembly of the tire from the rim necessary

Color-adhesive paint protection

  • Completely protects against paint fog
  • Excellent paint adhesion
  • Waterproof, tear-resistant, lint-free
  • Micropore-tight
  • Effective use of materials through tailor-made material

In the practical donor box

  • Optimal protection against dust until processing, thus less reworking.
  • Clean storage, stackable

Environmental behaviour and disposal

For the production of Wondermask® WPS, environmentally friendly, heavy metal-free polyethylene mixtures are used that are groundwater-neutral.

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